Diversity for Restoration (D4R) Tool

Researchers have devised a Diversity for Restoration (D4R) tool that enables appropriate agroforestry and aids systematic ecosystem restoration.

Diversity for Restoration (D4R) tool

  • The Diversity for Restoration (D4R) tool has been developed by Biodiversity International.
  • The tool has been modified to adapt to the Indian context by researchers from Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE).
  • The tool aims to support ecosystem restoration programs in India by improving decision-making and promoting sustainable development.
  • The tool aims to improve decision-making in restoration programs by providing information on tree species selection and their ecological benefits.


  • In countries like Malaysia, Ethiopia, Columbia, Peru, Burkina Faso, Cameroon the tool is already in use.
  • It is modified for India and provides recommendations about a particular tree species for plantations in a specific location.


  • This tool contains information on 100 plant functional traits of 237 important native trees of Western Ghats which have socio-economic significance.
  • Functional trait provides information on economic and ecological uses of tree like timber, medicine, fruits or other commercial benefits.
  • Habitat suitability, threat status are also considered by this tool while identifying suitable species.

Functions of the D4R

  • Help the user in identifying species that match their restoration objectives.
  • ldentify species that can resist local stresses and adapt to evolving environmental conditions.
  • Can pinpoint areas and regions to procure the seeds for the required species.
  • Informs the user whether the tree species offers timber, fruit, manure, or other commercial benefits.
  • Providing details on commercial benefits, physiological resilience, windbreaking capabilities, nitrogen-fixing, and pollinator support of tree species.

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