‘Dhanu Yatra

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The ‘Dhanu Yatra’ festival began in Bargarh at the Odisha.

Dhanu Yatra
  • Dhanu Jatra or Dhanu Yatra is an annual drama-based open air theatrical performance celebrated in Bargarh, Odisha
  • It is world’s largest open air theater, one that finds a mention in the Guinness Book of World Record.
Origin of the festival
  • The ‘Dhanu Yatra’, which marks the victory of good over evil, came into existence in Bargarh in 1947-48 as part of the celebration of the country’s Independence and is held annually
  • It is based on mythological story of Krishna (locally known as Krushna), and his demon uncle Kansa.
  • Originating in Bargarh, in the present day play, the enactments of the play are being performed in many other places in Western Odisha
  • The plays start with the dethroning of emperor Ugrasena by the angry prince Kansa, over the marriage of his sister Debaki with Basudeba
  • It ends with death of Kansa, and Ugrasen restoring back to become the king. There is no written script used in these enactments

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