Barnawapara wildlife sanctuary

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The Chhattisgarh forest department has carried out a successful translocation of four sub-adult wild buffaloes from Assam to Barnawapara wildlife sanctuary.


Barnawapara wildlife sanctuary

  • The Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Mahasamund district. The reserve is about 100 km from Raipur and about 45 km from Mahasamund city.
  • The Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary is named after the twin forest villages of Bar and Nawapara located in the sanctuary. It was established in 1976 under the Wildlife Protection Act.
  • The rivers Balmedhi, Jonk and Mahanadi are the lifeline river which runs along the sanctuary.
  • River Balamdehi forms the western boundary and Jonk River forms the northeastern boundary of the Sanctuary.
  • It is a land mass of undulating terrain dotted with numerous low and high hillocks.
  • Flora: The sanctuary contains major vegetation of Teak, Sal and Mixed forest.
  • Fauna: Cheetal, Sambhar, Nilgai Wild Boar, Sloth Bear, and Wild Dogs, are commonly seen.

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